Oleksandr A. Zelenko
Oleksandr A. Zelenko
Associate Professor at the Department of of General Psychology
Candidate of Medical Sciences (MD, Ph.D.), Associate Professor
+38 (044) 526-05-31
203, 2nd floor

In 1989, he graduated from the Pediatric Faculty of Lugansk State Medical University. In 1995, he defended his dissertation on the topic “Reaction of the lysosomal apparatus of neutrophilic leukocytes of peripheral blood under the influence of a flogogenic stressor of non-infectious nature” at the Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology of National Academy of Science of Ukraine and received a degree “candidate of medical sciences”(Ph.D). In 2014 he received the academic title “associate professor of psychology”.

Additional education:

  1. East-European University of Psychoanalysis, St.Petersberg, Russia; 
  2. Paris-VIII University, Paris, France;
  3. Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK; 
  4. Karl-Franzens University, Graz, Austria

Research interests:

  • Study of the psycho-physiological reactions of a person under the influence of extreme factors;
  • Development of complexes for Psychosocial rehabilitation and Psychosocial adaptation measures;
  • Pedagogical psychology;
  • Military psychology;
  • Political psychology;

Professional activity:

  1. 1994-2007 - Assistant at the Department of Human Physiology, Lugansk State Medical University;
  2. 2007-2014 - Assistant, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology, Taras Shevchenko National University of Luhansk;
  3. 2014 so far - Associate Professor at the Department of General Psychology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Public activity:
He is a member of the Interdepartmental Group under the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine on the development of measures for the psychological rehabilitation of victims of the Anti-Terrorist Operation and the Interdepartmental Group under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the development of a clinical protocol of assistance for Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Honours and Awards:


  • History of Psychology;
  • Basics of Psychophysiology;
  • General Psychology;
  • Labor Psychology;
  • Ecological Psychology;
  • Seminar in applied psychology;
  • Methods of Psychological Examination;
  • Age-related psychology;
  • Developmental psychology;
  • Psychology of Health;
  • Cognitive ergonomics;

Hobbies: numismatics and bonistic.

Key Publications. Published more than 100 scientific works, among them:
4 books: "Encyclopedia of the Young Psychologist" (2001), "Encyclopedic Guide to Psychoanalysis, Psycholinguistics, General Linguistics" in 3 volumes (2004),
Tutorials: "Depth Psychology" (2013), "Socio-pedagogical diagnostics of children and families in difficult life circumstances" (2015) and "Prevention and solutions to children's conflicts in an educational institution in the context of military conflict" (2016).